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What Sets Us Apart?

The Dunn Group, Inc. utilizes a combination of unique partnerships and intelligence-gathering techniques to provide quality-driven products to clients.

Built on Partnerships

We are not just a "vendor" to clients, but a partner. Our client relationship model is based on partnerships, rather than being just a service provider which results in an increase in project success rates and an understanding of client requests.

More importantly, the goal of our relationship with our clients is to not just reiterate what they already know, but to "stand on their shoulders" and to help predict the future.

Intellectual Knowledge

We utilize a proven strategic methodology/approach to gain insights to the issues not available in the public domain.

  • We have expertise in a broad knowledge base of therapeutic categories covering multiple topics (e.g., clinical development, lifecycle management, commercialization, strategies/tactics, etc.)

  • Comprehensive, proprietary database of "vetted" sources and external contractors who have an established working history with us.

Predictive Intelligence

We support the intelligence philosophy that we don't want to supply our clients with information for today or yesterday, but provide information that impacts the business landscape of tomorrow. This is achieved through:

  • Providing expectations (forecasting) of event probabilities (e.g., product approvals/launches, etc.)

  • Applying historical insights to understand strengths and weaknesses of the competitive landscape, and how this impacts multiple investigative issues.

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