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Promotional Materials and Message Recall Intelligence Program

MD MessageTRAC Overview

MD MessageTRAC is a TDG-exclusive, customizable program that tracks, analyzes and provides "topline" perspectives on competitive promotional activities in real-time.

Program Value

MD MessageTRAC provides our clients with:

  • Timely access to competitive promotional materials that have been collected

  • Competitive insights and human analytics of the message track and positioning

  • Early detection of changes in competitive program/communication strategies

  • Feedback from our MD MessageTRAC panels on promotional materials, messaging and competitive positioning

Outcome Benefit

Actionable insights and strategic implications that MD MessageTRAC provides to our clients includes, but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive snapshot of competitor promotional activities - target audience, type/volume of promotion, activity over time, message emphasis, campaign evolution and MD topline opinions.

  • Comprehensive communications include an executive summary, PowerPoint report and a digital library of materials

Outcome Benefit
How Does It Work?

  1. Our clients define the parameters - category, audience, geography and frequency

  2. We assemble a MD MessageTRAC panel of highly-qualified HCPs based on client parameters

  3. The MD MessageTRAC panel collects materials and provides insights

  4. Our staff provides comprehensive deliverables in the form of a reader-friendly PowerPoint report and a digital compendium of materials

How Does It Work?
What Is Being Said About MD MessageTRAC?

"TDG's MD MessageTRAC allows us to track promotional activity and materials in real-time, so we always know what the competitors are doing." - VP, Sales

"The ability to gain feedback and topline thinking from the panel has been of huge benefit to us." - Brand Manager

"MD MessageTRAC allows our team to react quickly to competitive activities as they pop up" - Associate Director, Strategy Planning

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